Property Power Play

Property Power Play

9 Episodes

Kito J. Johnson is an expert when it comes to real estate investing, and he's passionate about helping Black entrepreneurs create generational wealth through property ownership. His tagline, "We empower you with the tools necessary to play the game of real estate and win," shows that he’s serious about leveling the playing field. With his vast knowledge and experience, he'll guide you through the ins and outs of using real estate to grow your wealth.

Property Power Play
  • Community & Social Impact Investing with Adrian Wells - S1, E1

    Episode 1

    In this episode of Property Power Play, Kito J. Johnson interviews Adrian Wells, owner of The Wells Luxury Group, a luxury real estate boutique that services Atlanta’s elite clientele. Wells shares how her desire to help people in her hometown of Gary, Indiana, began a movement to shift mindsets ...

  • REI Foundations: Why Real Estate with Idris Talib - S1, E2

    Episode 2

    In this episode of Property Power Play, Kito J. Johnson interviews Idris Talib, a successful Atlanta area real estate investor and the founder of Pretty House Home Buyer. Talib shares how he built his real estate business after a devastating two-year incarceration. They both share simple steps yo...

  • Multi-Family Real Estate with Rodderick Jones - S1, E3

    In this episode of Property Power Play, Kito J. Johnson interviews Roddrick Jones of Aparti Capital Markets. Jones shares the ins and outs of building a passive multi-family portfolio. He and Johnson break down alternative investing, such as multi-family assets. This conversation provides an exce...

  • Short Term Rental with Kierra Castleberry - S1, E4

    Episode 4

    In this episode of Property Power Play, Kito J. Johnson interviews Kierra Castleberry of For The Host Academy. Castleberry shares the various strategies she uses to build wealth by locating, securing, and listing short-term rental properties. Johnson and Castleberry explain the three ways to crea...

  • Unconventional Funding S1, E5

    Episode 5

    Join Kito J. Johnson as he sits down with the real estate financing guru, Kenneth Igwe, from Baker Collins & Company! Unravel the secrets of short-term and permanent rental loans, bridge loans, and how they cater to investors of all experience levels!

  • Single Family Rental with Trey Mathis | S1, Ep 6

    Episode 6

    In this inspiring episode, Kito J. Johnson interviews Trey Mathis, a seasoned residential real estate investor and real estate coach. Mathis reveals his invaluable insights into his transformative path in real estate investing, and he dissects the BRRR Method of investing and its pivotal componen...

  • Ground Up Development with Wole Oyenuga | S1, E7

    Episode 7

    Join Kito J. Johnson and Wole Oyenuga of Urban Oasis Development as they discuss savvy tactics for building single- and multi-family developments. Oyenuga shares his inspiring evolution from transforming houses to scaling up with new construction and land development. Listen in as they share the ...

  • Wholesaling in Real Estate with Will Galloway & Tim Harvey | S1, E8

    Episode 8

    Dive into the world of wholesaling on this enlightening episode of Property Power Play. Watch as host Kito J. Johnson and his guests, William Galloway and Timothy Harvey, expertly breakdown this strategy. From acquiring properties at a discount to orchestrating seamless transactions, these men wi...

  • Subsidized Housing with Frank Morales & Lynn Meroll | S1, Ep 9

    Episode 9

    In this episode of Property Power Play, host Kito J. Johnson and his special guests, Frank Morales and Lynn Meroll, delve into the world of real estate investing, focusing on their unique strategy of revitalizing dilapidated properties for subsidized housing. Frank and Lynn share their journey, s...