Mind Your Business

Mind Your Business

34 Episodes

We sat down with over 30 Black business owners to discuss keys to their success. Host René Syler covers the gamut with these entrepreneurs—the types of businesses they built, tech tools they can’t live without, how they got started, and their hopes and dreams for 2024. Tune in as these trailblazers candidly share hard-won wisdom about turning passion into profit.

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Mind Your Business
  • Mind Your Business | Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas

    Episode 1

    Step into the world of empowerment with Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas. Witness her inspiring mission as she guides teachers to turn their expertise into thriving businesses.

  • Mind Your Business | Kimberly O'Neil

    Episode 2

    Hear the rich insights of this episode featuring the incredible Kimberly O’Neil, an award-winning community capacity builder and professor. Join us on a journey to explore the delicate art of honoring community needs and discover the proper ways of community development

  • Mind Your Business | Atiya Brown

    Episode 3

    Gear up for an enlightening discussion on taxes! Mind Your Business brings you an engaging episode with the exceptional Atiya Brown. Explore the intricacies of tax matters and gain valuable insights that will empower you in managing your business finances.

  • Mind Your Business | Emem Washington

    Once a lawyer, Emem Washington's journey is a testament to following your dreams. Fueled by the transformative power of speaking, she transitioned careers in 2020, embracing the pandemic as a catalyst for change. Today, she's a sought-after speaker, coach, and TEDx expert, guiding individuals to ...

  • Mind Your Business | Ramon Ray

    Episode 4

    Dive into an engaging episode as Ramon Ray unfolds his compelling journey as a professional speaker and content producer. Join us for an insightful conversation, where he shares valuable experiences, lessons, and the secrets behind his success in the world of speaking and content creation.

  • Mind Your Business | Tameka Williamson

    Episode 6

    Unlock the pathway to debt-free education with Tameka Williamson, a visionary entrepreneur, as she shares invaluable insights on sending your kids to college without accumulating debt. In this illuminating episode, Tameka delves into strategic financial planning, scholarships, and alternative res...

  • Mind Your Business | Sherrill Mosee

    Episode 7

    Embark on a captivating journey with Sherrill Mosee, a brilliant Black entrepreneur who ingeniously leveraged her engineering background to craft a 'must-have' purse. In this compelling episode, discover the fusion of innovation and style as Sherrill unveils the unique process behind her creation...

  • Mind Your Business | Ayize & Aiyana Ma'at

    Episode 8

    Dive into the heartwarming journey of Ayize & Aiyana Ma'at, a dynamic couple who draws inspiration from their own love story to empower others. In this special episode, discover the transformative impact of their experiences as relationship coaches dedicated to enhancing the quality of connection...

  • Mind Your Business | Alvionna Brewster

    Episode 9

    Embark on a transformative journey with Alvionna Brewster, a dedicated Black nurse who is empowering others in her field to transform their knowledge into thriving businesses. She shares how she got started and why it's so important to help fellow nurses leverage their expertise for entrepreneuri...

  • Mind Your Business | Bethany Nomani

    Episode 10

    Embark on an empowering episode with Bethanie Nonami, a dynamic corporate speaker and trainer who challenges the status quo by advising women to double their asking price. In this thought-provoking conversation, Bethanie shares her insights on how women should negotiate powerfully and reshape the...

  • Mind Your Business | Candace Junee

    Episode 11

    Dive into an enlightening episode featuring Candace Jurnee, a visionary entrepreneur passionate about demystifying the concept of automation. In this eye-opening conversation, Candace sheds light on a simple yet crucial concept that she wishes more people understood in the realm of automation. Jo...

  • Mind Your Business | Cher'Don Reynolds

    Episode 12

    Meet Cher'Don Reynolds, the boss behind She Prints It, LLC who believes you don’t have to be in the room to leave an impression. In this inspiring video, Cher'Don shares her powerful story of ditching her corporate job and leaning into the uncertainty that went with it. If you’re looking to disco...

  • Mind Your Business | Dacia Woods

    Episode 13

    Ditch the ordinary vacations and embark on transformative journeys curated just for Black women! This visionary entrepreneur isn't just planning trips, she's crafting unforgettable getaways that foster unbreakable bonds. Imagine luxurious destinations, exhilarating adventures, and laughter-filled...

  • Mind Your Business | Janelle Houston

    Episode 14

    Forget boring meetings and predictable retreats! This visionary woman is redefining business travel with experiences that are anything but ordinary. Think less boardroom, more bucket list! She curates work, play, & slay adventures that create unforgettable memories. This go-getter extends her mag...

  • Mind Your Business | Kito. J. Johnson

    Episode 15

    Seeking a life fueled by faith, family, and financial freedom? Enter the world of Kito J. Johnson real estate guru, author, and host of "Property Power Play." on The Convo. He's not just a real estate wizard; he's a beacon of guidance who believes achieving your dreams starts with aligning your h...

  • Mind Your Business | Jennifer Jasper

    Episode 16

    Remember that funny quip that sparked laughter in your Bible study? For one young woman, that lighthearted moment became the foundation of a thriving brand! Witness the rise of God Ain't Petty, a movement born from unexpected inspiration. More than just merchandise, God Ain't Petty fosters a comm...

  • Mind Your Business | Joy Harris

    Episode 17

    Feeling called to a bigger purpose? Meet the inspiring Joy Harris who traded in her hairstyling tools for a mission to empower faith-based entrepreneurs! More than just a business coach, she's a community: Witness the powerful network of supportive and like-minded entrepreneurs she fosters.

  • Mind Your Business | Brittany N. Cole

    Episode 18

    She once operated within the confines of the corporate world, climbing to a comfortable six-figure salary. But seeking to break free from other people setting limits on her potential, she boldly went out on her own - rocketing to million-dollar success as a groundbreaking motivational speaker who...

  • Mind Your Business | Andy Henriquez

    Meet the former corporate employee who reignited his career by helping others unlock the power of authentic storytelling. As a storytelling and business coach, Andy Henriquez shows speakers and founders how to stop forcing dry pitches and scripts. Instead, he reveals how to engage their audience ...

  • Mind Your Business | Angela Black

    Episode 20

    After witnessing one too many promising start-ups fail due to poor customer service, Angela Black knew there was an unfilled need. Transitioning out of the corporate world, Angela went to work, arming small businesses with the frameworks to master the customer experience. Calling herself the Cust...

  • Mind Your Business | Aneesha & Quandell Smith

    Episode 21

    Husband and wife Aneesha and Quandell Smith wanted healthcare professionals to be able to not only show their credentials but do so in a fun and fashionable way with a nod to culture. So together they created Reflections By Zana, a brand where style, quality & creativity meet representation in th...

  • Mind Your Business | Dr. Michelle Josey

    Episode 22

    Struggling to find hidden revenue in your business? Meet the revolutionary small business game changer who flips the script on traditional hustle culture. She's not about working yourself to the bone; she's about unlocking the goldmine within your OWN data! Discover how this approach fosters a mi...

  • Mind Your Business | Kylea Woodley Jones

    Episode 23

    Meet the passionate teacher who defied expectations and embarked on a dual-career journey as a thriving crafter. Hear her story unfold as she seamlessly balances the rewarding world of education with the vibrant energy of her creative pursuits. While nurturing young minds in the classroom, she al...

  • Mind Your Business | Rozalynn Goodwin

    Episode 25

    Feeling overwhelmed by juggling work, family, and personal passions? Buckle up and meet the wonder woman who redefines "multitasking" with a smile! This video dives into the inspiring world of a busy wife, mother, entrepreneur, and lobbyist who doesn't just balance her roles, she seamlessly blend...