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  • 10 Step Framework For Livestream Success

    Livestreaming has become an essential tool for business owners to connect with their audience in real-time. The 10-Step Livestream Framework is a comprehensive guide designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to harness the power of livestreaming for your business.

    Lamar Tyle...

  • Buy Back Your Time by Building a Team with Joy Pittman

  • Black Business Icons

    1 season

    Many outstanding Black entrepreneurs have achieved astonishing feats, but we have only heard about a few. It’s time for that to change. Lamar Tyler and Freddie Taylor take us on a journey through the past at the historic APEX Museum. They share remarkable stories of resilience, innovation, and th...

  • The Unexpected Sales Person with Chris Kirkwood

    Can introverts dominate sales? The short answer is yes! Today on The TSP Show, Chris Kirkwood from Speak Your Way to Cash joins us to show how introverts can leverage their skills to make millions in sales. Chris gives you the tools to sell with confidence by shifting your mindset around money an...

  • Student Loans - S2, Ep 7

    In this episode, Netiva Heard of The Frugal Credinista gives you the real deal about student loans. From the different types to how they affect your credit, Heard shares the best options for preventing student loans from making your life difficult.

  • Black Beauty Takeover

    1 season

    The beauty industry has long overlooked its Black consumers and treated its Black business owners poorly. Host Janice Fredericks-Spell and her guests explore how Black-owned beauty supply stores, brands, and salons have grown and are thriving despite the obstacles they’ve had to overcome. If you ...

  • Hair Today, Six Figures Tomorrow with Gabrielle Allen

    Do you want to learn how to craft a six-figure beauty business? Today on The TSP Show, Gabrielle Allen shares how she shifted from blogger to hair stylist and cultivated it into a six-figure business. Gabrielle founded Strawberrii Curls Salon in New Orleans and now coaches inspiring stylists on h...

  • Startup Costs - S2, Ep 4

    In this episode, Kamia Robison, founder and CEO of Atlas Park Consulting, breaks down how properly managing start-up costs affects creating a successful business. Understanding the costs to start a business helps owners launch on their own terms.

  • Secrets to Un-cloning Your Business with Audria Richmond

    Do you know how to stand out against your competition? In a world full of AI content and Instagram entrepreneurs, you need to be different in order to survive. Today on The TSP Show, Audria Richmond joins us from UnCloned Media to teach you how to access your creativity and make your business ext...

  • Raising Money Savvy Kids - S2, Ep 3

    In this episode, Holly Reid of The Master Playbook talks about the importance of teaching our children how to earn money, grow money, and build long-term wealth. Parents don’t have to be experts to teach their children better habits.

  • Boost Your Business Sales Challenge

    1 season

    Get FREE ACCESS to game-changing tools to shift your mindset, learn new strategies, and execute in your business. Use the same keys successful Black entrepreneurs have used to unlock six and seven-figure revenue when you watch the 5-Day challenge!

  • How My Clients Earned 100 Million in Revenue with Apryl Beverly

    Are you struggling to transition into the role of a CEO? Today on The TSP Show, Apryl Beverly joins us to discuss how she went from full-time copywriter to CEO of Word Stylistz. Her company provides compelling, cash-generating copywriting services that will transform your business. In this episod...

  • You Saved Me

    With African-American marriage numbers at an all-time low and African-American divorce numbers at an all-time high, the hopes of positive, lasting relationships in the Black community looked bleak. Until now. The documentary You Saved Me gives a unique insight into the effort and dedication requi...

  • The Traffic Sales and Profit Show

    1 season

    Traffic Sales & Profit aka TSP Is The Premier Community for Purpose-Driven African-American Entrepreneurs. Our goal is to change the economic landscape of the Black community while closing the wealth gap through entrepreneurship.

  • Tanzania – Dar Es Salaam, Serengeti, Zanzibar

    Africa's story is much broader than what western history books portray. As a result of that realization, Jay Cameron is on a mission to share the true stories of Africa as widely as he can. Cameron’s travel company, Maximum Impact, takes adventurers on an extraordinary journey through East Africa...

  • The Breakdown

    2 seasons

    If learning more about investment strategies is a priority, then The Breakdown understands the assignment and provides what is needed. Savvy industry experts delivering valuable information in small, digestible chunks is what this show is all about. There is no other place where your people give ...

  • Position Yourself as an Expert by Publishing a Book with Chanel Martin

    Do you know that authorship is the quickest way to elevate your expertise? The written word is the oldest form of media, and it still holds a high status in our society. Today on The TSP Show, Chanel Martin joins us to share how she entered the publishing space and how you can write a book in sev...

  • The Winners Table

    1 season

    The Winner’s Table is where Black entrepreneurs can access valuable information from brilliant and successful business owners that look like them. Host Amber Wright chops it up with inspiring guests about the difficulties and rewards of running Black-owned businesses. Wright poses critical questi...