Black Business Icons

Black Business Icons

6 Episodes

Many outstanding Black entrepreneurs have achieved astonishing feats, but we have only heard about a few. It’s time for that to change. Lamar Tyler and Freddie Taylor take us on a journey through the past at the historic APEX Museum. They share remarkable stories of resilience, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit in our community. This show speaks the names of dynamic and transformational Black entrepreneurs so that viewers can expand their knowledge, fuel their growth, and understand the importance of legacy in empowering our people. If they could do it, you can too.

Black Business Icons
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  • Cathy Hughes, Oprah Winfrey

    Episode 1

    Cathy Hughes and Oprah Winfrey made no excuses for achieving great heights; they just did it. After turning around a struggling radio station, Cathy Hughes decided to start her own. She now owns one of the largest media empires in the United States. Oprah Winfrey came from humble beginnings, but ...

  • A.G Gaston & John H Johnson

    Episode 2

    A. G. Gaston had a knack for recognizing a void and figuring out how to fill it. He began as a coal miner, but because of his vision and drive, he transitioned from selling lunches to opening funeral homes and building up the Black business district of Birmingham, Alabama. John H. Johnson gave us...

  • Maggie L. Walker & Earl Graves Sr.

    Episode 3

    Maggie L. Walker and Earl Graves, Sr. were born decades apart, but both understood the importance of economic independence for the Black community. Maggie L. Walker, the daughter of an Irish confederate soldier, saw her opening when the Independent Order of St. Luke’s needed help with membership ...

  • Annie Minerva Malone & Janice Bryant Howroyd

    Episode 4

    Annie Malone and Janice Bryant Howroyd have demonstrated that it takes ingenuity, grit, and work ethic to make something from nothing. Annie Malone began her career as a door-to-door saleswoman for her haircare products. She turned that into a global operation that employed thousands of people. J...

  • O.W. Gurley & Reginald F. Lewis

    Episode 5

    O. W. Gurley and Reginald F. Lewis were two businessmen who turned their visions into reality. O. W. Gurley envisioned an enclave where Black people could thrive. He started Greenwood Avenue with one two-story boarding house and grew it into what would later be called Black Wall Street. Reginald ...