The Winners Table

The Winners Table

10 Episodes

The Winner’s Table is where Black entrepreneurs can access valuable information from brilliant and successful business owners that look like them. Host Amber Wright chops it up with inspiring guests about the difficulties and rewards of running Black-owned businesses. Wright poses critical questions and gets real answers that educate and support other entrepreneurs on their business journeys.

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The Winners Table
  • Can We Really Close the Generational Wealth Gap?

    Episode 1

    How many millionaires are in your family? Host Amber Wright asks Freddie Taylor, Jeannine Brown, and Angela Hawkins their thoughts on how our community can close the generational wealth gap. This dynamic group of entrepreneurs discusses reparations, a reduction in spending, an increase in investi...

  • What Are the Pressures That Come with Black Entrepreneurships?

    Episode 2

    Is owning a business harder when you’re Black? Host Amber Wright interviews Watchen Nyanue, Mike Goodwin, and Chanel Martin about the specific challenges they faced as Black business owners. From far less access to financial support to a lack of emotional support from their communities, the group...

  • Are You Chasing Wealth?

    Episode 3

    Are you chasing a temporary bag or long-term security for your family? Host Amber Wright discusses chasing wealth with Jeff Austin, Dee Collins-Mallory, and Kimberly West, Ph.D. How the Black community thinks about wealth often frames whether we believe we can attain it. In this episode, each gue...

  • Is Self-Care a Real Thing?

    Episode 4

    With all of life’s responsibilities on top of owning a business, who has time for self-care? Host Amber Wright engages Freddie Taylor, Jeannine Brown, and Angela Hawkins in a conversation about the difficulties Black entrepreneurs face managing self-care and work/life balance. How do Black busine...

  • When is The Right Time to Leave Your 9-5?

    Episode 5

    Is it time to turn in that resignation letter? Watchen Nyanue, Mike Goodwin, and Chanel Martin chat with our host, Amber Wright, about the obstacles they faced while transitioning from a 9-5 to full-time entrepreneurship. Whether the challenge was understanding what it takes to run a business or ...

  • Is it Trendy to Own a Business?

    Episode 6

    Does everyone own a business these days? Host Amber Wright questions Jeff Austin, Dee Collins Mallory, and Kimberly West about the burst of championing entrepreneurship. Guests point out the difference between entrepreneurship and business ownership, the pitfalls of jumping into business without ...

  • Are the Critiques of Black-Owned Businesses Fair?

    Episode 7

    Are we harder on our own people? Host Amber Wright asks Freddie Taylor, Jeannine Brown, and Angela Hawkins to explain why we as a community tend to judge Black-owned businesses so harshly. Historically, conditioning has taught us to see ourselves critically, and the group discusses how that carri...

  • How Does Our Cultures Impact the Way We Do Business?

    Episode 8

    Does your culture affect how you move in business? Host Amber Wright chats with Watchen Nyanue, Mike Goodwin, and Chanel Martin as the group examines how culture impacts the way Black people do business. With guests hailing from different parts of the United States, Africa, and Brazil, the answer...

  • What Do You Do When You’re the First in Your Family to Break Barriers?

    Episode 9

    What happens when you’re the first in your family to do something different? Jeff Austin, Dee Collins Mallory, and Kimberly West discuss being the first in the family to break barriers with host Amber Wright. When there is no blueprint for success, we are often left to navigate an uncharted path ...

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