The Breakdown

The Breakdown

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If learning more about investment strategies is a priority, then The Breakdown understands the assignment and provides what is needed. Savvy industry experts delivering valuable information in small, digestible chunks is what this show is all about. There is no other place where your people give you the insider’s scoop on building generational wealth, so be sure to tap in to the Breakdown.

The Breakdown
  • Financial Planning - S2, Ep 1

    Episode 1

    In this episode, Tremaine Wills of Mind Over Money explains financial planning. Financial planning is intimidating for many people, but it shouldn’t be. Wills explains why it’s an important tool no matter your income, how to keep it simple, and her strategy for creating a roadmap for the future.

  • Financial Systems Every Business Needs - S2, Ep 2

    Episode 2

    In this episode, Shanita Jones, founder of Jones Taxes and Financial Services, breaks down the importance of understanding financial systems in a business. Jones explains when they are needed, how they benefit businesses, the cost of not using them in planning, and the mistake of not using them c...

  • Raising Money Savvy Kids - S2, Ep 3

    Episode 3

    In this episode, Holly Reid of The Master Playbook talks about the importance of teaching our children how to earn money, grow money, and build long-term wealth. Parents don’t have to be experts to teach their children better habits.

  • Startup Costs - S2, Ep 4

    Episode 4

    In this episode, Cameo Roberson, founder and CEO of Atlas Park Consulting, breaks down how properly managing start-up costs affects creating a successful business. Understanding the costs to start a business helps owners launch on their own terms.

  • Retiring Tax Free - S2, Ep 5

    Episode 5

    In this episode, Shakey Webster of The Financial Matchmaker, shares some amazing strategies that help you learn how to maximize your money and live a tax-free retirement. She teaches you how to diversify your investing and how to leverage life insurance to grow your money.

  • Government Funds for Small Businesses - S2, Ep 6

    Episode 6

    In this episode, Deletra Hudson, owner of Deletra Hudson, LLC., explains the best way for small business owners to access free resources from the government. Learning how the local government uses its funds, what amount is budgeted for small businesses, and their capital improvement plan, you can...

  • Student Loans - S2, Ep 7

    Episode 7

    In this episode, Netiva Heard of The Frugal Credinista gives you the real deal about student loans. From the different types to how they affect your credit, Heard shares the best options for preventing student loans from making your life difficult.

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