Mind Your Business

Mind Your Business

34 Episodes

We sat down with over 30 Black business owners to discuss keys to their success. Host René Syler covers the gamut with these entrepreneurs—the types of businesses they built, tech tools they can’t live without, how they got started, and their hopes and dreams for 2024. Tune in as these trailblazers candidly share hard-won wisdom about turning passion into profit.

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Mind Your Business
  • Mind Your Business | Jeff Moore

    Episode 24

    Tired of the stock market roller coaster? Enter the Cash Value King! He's not your average financial guru; he's a revolutionary guide unlocking the hidden wealth potential within cash value life insurance. Jeff reveals the powerful secrets to help everyday people transform their life insurance fr...

  • Mind Your Business | Cameo Robertson

    Episode 26

    Is your CEO crown feeling more like a burden than a badge of honor? Drowning in operational chaos and yearning for peace of mind? Meet the "Dysfunction Destroyer," a fractional CEO who's here to rescue overwhelmed leaders and bring harmony to your business kingdom.

  • Mind Your Business | Coach Cass

    Episode 27

    Are you a successful Black woman ready for a love that matches your ambition and spirit? Tired of settling or navigating dating scenes that don't understand your unique needs? Dr. Casandra Henriquez, your expert Love Coach, is exclusively dedicated to connecting successful Black women with compat...

  • Mind Your Business | Krystal Taylor

    Episode 28

    Meet Krystal Taylor, a maverick fitness coach who built a six-figure business around her signature training method that focuses on overall health rather than vanity. Going against the grain of the diet and fitness industry's obsession with weight loss, Krystal’s program instead promotes sustainab...

  • Mind Your Business | Thomas K.R. Stovall

    Episode 29

    Meet Thomas K R Stovall who built and educates his financial community about how to go from earned income to automated income in this edition of Mind Your Business.

  • Mind Your Business | Shirley McAlphine

    Episode 30

    Ever wonder what fuels the undeniable rise of Black women across various industries? "She's Got Drive!" goes beyond the buzzword "Black Girl Magic" to unpack the real drivers of their success. Business consultant Shirley McAlpine regularly unveils the secrets these women utilize as they navigate ...

  • Mind Your Business | Toyin Crandell

    Episode 31

    At her lowest, Toyin found herself homeless and saddled with debt. But armed with determination and her last $200, she transformed struggle into strength. Channeling her experiences, she built herself up and launched a company focused on empowering women to gain financial confidence and independe...

  • Mind your Business | Paris Brookins

    Episode 32

    Ever dreamed of a luxurious, stress-free vacation to a stunning destination, but dread the planning hassle and group dynamics drama? You're not alone! In this exclusive interview, we delve into the world of a travel mastermind who helps people ditch the chaos and embrace dream vacations without t...

  • Mind Your Business | Luvina Sabree

    Episode 33

    Come with us as we dive deep into the heart of Bomb Azz Lemonade, the brainchild of a visionary proprietor who's brewing up more than just delicious drinks. Through her passionate words, you'll discover the inspiring story behind her mission: empowering differently-abled individuals by crafting "...

  • Mind Your Business | Vaughn & Lyn Sanders

    Episode 34

    Get ready to be inspired! This video takes you on a journey into the heart of a brand built on faith, HBCU pride, and a deep commitment to Black excellence. Meet the dynamic husband-and-wife team behind it all, and discover how their unwavering faith fuels their passion for creating products that...